EndoAct’s goal is to drive policy action on endometriosis in Canada. By bringing together people living with endometriosis, health care professionals, and researchers, we represent Pan-Canadian expertise on endometriosis. Together, we are raising awareness about the problems faced by the endometriosis community and solutions to ensure that everyone in Canada who has this condition gets the right care, in the right place at the right time.

There are more than 0 people with endometriosis living in Canada
People in Canada wait 0 years on average for a diagnosis
It can take up to 0 months to get surgical care in Canada
Endometriosis costs Canada $0 every year

Endometriosis Stories

People from coast to coast to coast are sharing what it is like to live with endometriosis in Canada. Read and learn more about their journeys here.

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Use our advocacy toolkit to demand national action on endometriosis. The toolkit includes a customisable template email to send your MP and other tools to support successful advocacy.

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