What are your endometriosis symptoms like?

I was trying to get rid of my baby weight 10 years ago working out. I was doing my 75th sit up and my groin was in so much pain. I went to the doctor and was told it’s basically menstrual pain. I later moved to Prince George and a doctor told me he won’t know if it’s cancer or endometriosis till he gets in there. I was told after the operation that I could work out in 6 weeks. 7 weeks later I go back and told him I still had trouble with movement. He then told me half my muscle in my right quadrant was scraped out. It would be 6 months till I could work out.

Doctors didn’t know what it was. Ultrasound was ordered and the tech took a gasp when it came up on the screen. Told him don’t worry I know it’s my endometriosis like I told the doctor I then went to the gynecologists, and told him it’s been over a year since I was told I might get a hysterectomy, I was ready. He told me I would go into early menopause and women die from it. No surgery. What if I found mister right and he wanted children. I told him it’s my body, my choice, my health, my pain. I wanted it. We argued for over an hour.

I was working full time and my pain was so excruciating that I would almost pass out on the Walmart floor. Sometimes walking hurt, laying hurt, standing hurt. I would literally want to or actually sleep all day. My pain was always put down to jus menstrual pain. Every woman doesn’t have the same pain. When I was done, the real pain began . I would sneeze and I’d fall over because it felt like someone stabbed me. After a couple days of that I would have a week straight of itching, not just a little itchy, almost scratching my skin off. I would either wake in the middle of the night in pain or scratching my skin off. I felt like there was a million ants under my skin, and would wake to my skin bleeding. I would usually have one whole week of a normal body, one whole week.

The cycle would start all over again. At one point my doctor recommended an IUD and birth control at the same time! I bleed straight for 8 months. I went to emergency where a female gynecologists was working. My IUD was hanging out and almost cut my hand after going to the bathroom. She was shocked no answers were given and I wasn’t ‘allowed’ a hysterectomy. I finally had had enough, I looked on line and found the endometriosis clinic and took it to my doctor and threw the pamphlet at him. I asked him why I wasn’t sent there.

I got my appointment, got my pills , and after 30 minutes of taking them I stood in the kitchen crying. For the first time I realized I felt the urge to urinate. Usually it was just pressure, and I finally felt human. My ordeal was long and excruciating. I hope no more women have to go through this, and it’s easier to be diagnosed. It started in 2010, I got my pills in 2017. I have been able to go back to being a mom , but I missed so much because my doctors refused to believe my pain