What are your endometriosis symptoms like? 

Currently, I am on year 8 of my endometriosis journey and the disease has progressed onto my nerves. I was diagnosed (finally) in 2020 and it has just gotten worse since. I am on a nerve medication to help control the fire that burns in my pelvic region and sends fire bolts down my legs when the medications aren’t working.

I am an educator and one day I was brought to my knees from the fire pain. My endometriosis is also on my ovaries, bladder, bowel, and intestines pressing onto my spine. I am on hormonal injections as they are treating me medically at the moment while we wait for a hysterectomy and the injections are causing joint swelling, and have tricked my body into menopause. I am fatigued daily, swollen, inflamed, losing hair, battling acne and weight gain, have fire in my pelvis, pressure on my back, each and everyday….