What are your endometriosis symptoms like? Symptoms and experiences vary. For me, my first symptom was a very sharp pain on my pelvic area while I was walking to my vehicle. I couldn’t take more steps without the excruciating pain. Good thing I wasn’t driving. We drove to a pharmacy to get some Midol. I never had Midol before (in my 35 years). Since then, my monthly period has been more painful and the duration was longer. My migraine was also occurring more often.

What was your journey to diagnosis like? In the span of five years, my family physician prescribed different types of birth control pills and none of them worked. My menstrual cycle lasts two to three weeks, with heavy to medium to low flow. Had a few ultrasounds and a technician was baffled by a very thick lining and unknown mass around my uterus. That’s what she told me when I asked why she keeps checking and repeating what she just did. (I appreciated the thoroughness.) Then my family physician referred me to an OBGYN who gave me various options. After a few months of weighing my options, I have chosen laparoscopy. I already had an 18 year old son at the time and had no plans of having more children at age 41 — so even a total hysterectomy won’t be an issue. I was lucky to receive the call from my doctor that I will be filling in a cancellation instead of waiting for a few more weeks for my actual schedule.