What are your endometriosis symptoms like?

On going chronic pain in my lower abdomen, my bowels, my back and down my legs. Fatigue – brain fog- memory issues. Irregular bleeding between periods Unpredictable crippling painful periods. Socially suffering – taking a toll on my family and support people. Unable to function enough to work. Addiction – I was prescribed narcotics to relieve my pain, the anxiety or fear of pain had me unknowingly abuse these medications and I very quickly went from unknown dependency to life threatening full blown addiction. Mental health diminished. Countless side affects from barbaric old medicine – medicine induced menopause.

What has your experience with treatment for endometriosis been? 

My first step before surgery was taking oral medications that would either help my symptoms become minimal or if there was no positive response we would cross that off the long list of medication attempts. In the end it was almost worse on me the more medications were on board, messing with hormones and sometimes we’re physically grueling.

Narcotics – my endometriosis is classified as stage 4 but the stages of endometriosis does not necessarily correspond with the level of pain one is experiencing. My specialist was the only one who took my pain and believed it was real – unfortunately with narcotics comes risk and I became addicted to the strong opiates I was given – I became another very real and very painful statistic that almost cost me my life. I am now 1 year and 6 months clean, one issue here for this treatment is it’s not something I can acutely use safely to fall back on if necessary and done safely.

2 laparoscopic surgeries to diagnose and then maintenance – one thing I did find long term relief was having my nerves severed during the second surgery. Multiple IUDs – which has been effective in minimizing some of my endo symptoms, I never had an issue with my IUD until this month. I was to have a procedure to replace the current one I had because my IUD was used for therapeutic reasons I felt nearing the 3-4 year mark I wasn’t getting the benefit I was having to when the device was first implanted. The doctor who administered this IUD unfortunately cut the device too short and after traumatic failed painful attempts to remove the current IUD I was told I would need surgery to have it removed safely and to minimize pain.

Lupron – DO NOT ACCEPT THIS AS A FORM OF TREATMENT! Lupron is used for prostate cancer patients and induces a medical menopause. My experience was horrible – the shot itself hurts but the side effects are tormenting and added onto my already painful life. The doctor who administer this shot (same doc as the botched IUD) failed to provide me with some sort of estrogen medication to minimize the induced menopause symptoms. This medication has recently been under scrutiny and is so invasive. Studies have shown it has life long affliction. I am currently looking for a multidisciplinary form of treatment to accommodate my sobriety and hopefully find some sort of combination care to gain relief