What are your endometriosis symptoms like? I have constant pain on my left side, most intently in the groin & hip area but that radiates to my butt cheek and down my leg to my knee. There is similar pain on my right side but its not as often and is usually the groin & hip area only. I am unable to lay or sleep on my left side and find no relief in sitting, standing, or laying down. During menstruation I have cramps that affect my lower back and trigger bowel movements. The pain in my left groin, hip, and leg is more pronounced during this time. Penetrative sex is generally painful for me and usually causes minor bleeding. My bladder hurts when full and sometimes also cramps when voiding. I get random sharp stabbing pains in my vagina that can cause me to convulse. I get PMS which includes increased appetite, moodiness, rage, depression, and anxiety.