What are your endometriosis symptoms like? My symptoms have changed in severity over the 9 years I’ve dealt with the disease but they have always been the same more or less. It started with stabbing, shooting pain. Vaginal and rectal pain so severe I couldn’t walk because every time I put a foot down the pain would sear through me like a knife. Aching across my abdomen from left to right, from my belly button down to my pelvis. Feeling like my reproductive organs were being ripped apart. Back pain, hip pain and abdominal cramping so bad, I was unable to leave the house, and landed in the ER, more times than I can remember. Nausea and pain so awful I would take baths and showers in the middle of the night just to have the heat and water on me. Sometimes the pain so bad I would end up sitting down in the shower not able to move while the water hit me and my husband would have to help me up and back into bed, not that sleep was something that happened easily, or for very long. Heating pads and painkillers go everywhere with me and if I am somewhere without a heating pad, my first stop is the drugstore to buy one. I’ve been known to run out to the drugstore at all hours if my heating pad dies it is an emergency of epic proportion! My body is covered in burns because I have to have the pad on the highest setting at all times. At home, work, when I go to peoples houses. In the car, I have the seat heater on, even in the dead of summer, to ease the back pain I deal with every day.