Témoignages d’endométriose

En rassemblant nos histoires, nous pouvons aider d’autres personnes au Canada, y compris les élus et les décideurs politiques, à comprendre l’impact de l’endométriose dans tout le pays.

Chacun vit son endométriose de façon unique et nous voulons savoir ce que c’est pour vous de vivre avec cette maladie.

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  • To receive a diagnosis of Endometriosis took me eight years of persistently advocating for myself, starting fr

  • From age 14 to 21 I must have had weekly visits with my family doctor. He never sent me to any specialists, ju

  • Endometriosis is debilitating. There are days I’m in so much pain that I can’t get out of bed. It is reall

  • I knew the pain that came with my periods was not normal right off the bat. I would be the only one missing da

  • I am constantly tired and in pain everyday, some days I find it hard to do anything, but because I have a chil

  • When I am at my greatest pain it feels like my insides are being slowly ripped. I have stabbing pains in my pe

  • I live with daily cramping, sometimes manageable, sometimes so bad I can't get out of bed. The pain radiates t

  • The pain and effects on my life triggered depression so in addition to having to deal with bad pain I had to d

  • I suffered from painful periods my entire life, and when I was 27 I began to cry during a Pap smear and begged

  • Endometriosis is something that I'm constantly having to plan around. I know that when I get my period I'll be

  • Constant dull pain, sometimes sharp pain.

  • My family doctor dismissed my pain for 2-3 years saying everyone experiences cramping. I tried to tell him tha