Aditee Kissoon

Photo of Aditee

Aditee Kissoon, MLitt, is a bilingual health communications professional and an advocate for the awareness of endometriosis. Having recently completed her Masters of Letters in Health Communications, at the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow, her academic focus on patient perspectives in healthcare was guided by her personal experiences of receiving a diagnosis.

For nine years, Aditee visited the ER 6 times and was seen by 8 different doctors who all dismissed her debilitating pelvic pain as a symptom of her menstruation. After receiving laparoscopic surgery in 2018, Aditee was formally diagnosed with endometriosis; she still continues to fight dismissal of her symptoms during recurring periods of her pain.

As a Canadian-Mauritian dual citizen, she believes that an intersectional and patient-centered approach is crucial to address some of the challenges experienced by BIPOC communities in terms of the accessibility to knowledge, discussion, and diagnosis of the condition.

Aditee was welcomed as a TEDX UOttawa Women speaker, she has been published by the Endometriosis Foundation of America, Ottawa Life Magazine, and has featured in the advocacy vlog series of The Endometriosis Network Canada.