Anna Mae Alexander

Photo of Anna Mae

Anna Mae lives in Mohknistis (Calgary, Alberta) on Treaty 7 land. They are passionate about equity in access to treatment and care across Canada for all patients with endometriosis, and bringing awareness about care for different genders. They believe that change needs to happen on a national policy level. Anna Mae has been living with endometriosis since the age of 8 years old and received a presumptive diagnosis at 35. Anna Mae local independent filmmaker and database administrator. They have been working to raise awareness of endometriosis in Alberta, active on social media, and in speaking to the media about both endometriosis and care as a gender fluid individual. They are currently in development for a documentary about endometriosis in Canada called “It’s Probably Nothing.” Hoping to educate people on period health and when to see a doctor and maybe influence political change. Anna Mae is autistic and understands the challenges that can occur in communication with medical professionals as a neurodiverse individual.