Kathleen Darby

Photo of Kathleen

Kathleen Darby is  a Manager at ICBC, where she is the Wellness Co-Chair with the Employee Resource Group, and endometriosis patient. She knows what it’s like to feel excruciating pain during “that time of the month”. From extreme fatigue to ocular migraines, prolonged bleeding, and debilitating pain, it got worse every month since her period started when she was 11 years old. She spent decades in and out of clinics, doctor’s offices, and what felt like never ending blood tests and ultrasounds searching for medical answers to her painful situation. Ruptured cyst, fibroid on an ovary, reverted uterus – the details started to add up… until she was finally diagnosed with endometriosis in her late 30s.

Kathleen doesn’t want you or anyone else to go through the long, agonizing journey she went through to find out what was wrong with her reproductive health. Her goal is to see drastically shortened diagnosis time and to raise awareness about endometriosis. She’s passionate about supporting you to advocate for the care you need and for a treatment plan that’s right for you – whether that’s traditional, alternative, or a bit of both. You deserve to believe your instincts, feel confident and empowered, and to be relentless until you get the care, treatment, and support you’re so overdue for.