Katie Luciani


Katie Luciani is the Executive Director at the Endometriosis Network Canada. Katie began her journey with endometriosis at the tender age of 11 but like most Endo Warriors, wasn’t diagnosed until she was 27. Katie attended a law and society program at York University for three years and left to pursue her passion in Vancouver where she graduated from Van Arts. The celebrations were short lived, and she succumbed to the endo symptoms that forced her to put her dreams on hold as she navigated the days, weeks, months and eventually years of pain. Katie’s journey birthed a strong passion for advocacy, and she put her skills and experiences to work, taking every opportunity to speak about the challenges of her journey.

Katie was a recipient of the Volunteer Toronto award for her dedication to her work with TENC and the endometriosis community. This paved her way to a seat on the board of directors as Secretary for a term, as well as Board Chair for a year, before transitioning into the role of Executive Director.

Katie is a firm believer that endometriosis is a national health crisis. The government needs to take action now in order for future endometriosis patients to receive the multidisciplinary care needed at the beginning of their journey. Katie believes that all people who live with endometriosis deserve to be heard and most importantly live a hopeful, happy, and productive life.

Ms. Luciani has nothing to disclose.