Marie-Josée Thibert


Marie-Josée Thibert has been a communications specialist for the Montréal health and Social Services network since 2009. With endometriosis, she had to wait 11 long years (1992 to 2003) before being diagnosed. Unfortunately, endometriosis has had irreversible effects on her health, including her reproductive health. With years of personal research on the disease and a lack of awareness, resources and support in Quebec, in 2015, she founded Endométriose Québec: an information portal, an awareness movement and a community of support for women with endometriosis. In addition to putting online the first French-language website dedicated to endometriosis in Canada, she is behind the organization of annual awareness marches that take place in Quebec. She has also put together several Women’s Awareness Webinars and has taken part in the creation of future workshops to raise awareness in high schools. She also has just signed a publishing contract with Groupe Librex. The release of a book, in French, for women with endometriosis and/or uterine fibroid, co-written with the founder of Vivre 100 fibromes, is scheduled for August 2021. Marie-Josée is a member of Endo-Act as a francophone patient and founder of Endométriose Québec. She also brings communications expertise. Marie-Josée wants more than anything to transform things for future generations and restore power to women on their health and on their lives!

Ms. Thibert has nothing to disclose.