What are your endometriosis symptoms like? My symptoms have been progressing over the last few years. I suffered from painful and heavy periods right from my first cycle at the age of 11 that caused me to miss school each month. In addition to painful stomach cramps and heavy bleeding, I also suffered from migraines during my cycle and changes in my bowel movements (cycling between being constipated the majority of the month and loose bowel movements cements during my period). The ‘endo bloat’ is also a regular occurrence each month but luckily tends to happen in the evenings when I am home and can change into lose clothes. In recent years the pain has spread and a lot of my pain now comes from my back and legs. My back pain during my period makes it hard to move and is one of the most difficult symptoms to manage, as it’s hard to work through the pain. In addition to the back pain, I regularly get sharp stabbing sensations in my hips and back as well as general leg soreness. This pain can happen throughout the month and isn’t always tied to my period. I am lucky and while I have my bad days, I am often able to push through the pain and attend work and other obligations, although I am exhausted and spend my free time resting.