#ActOnEndo Advocacy Toolkit

Now is the time to ask our elected officials to #ActOnEndo. Your experiences, insights and ideas are important to your elected officials and can help the one million people in Canada who live with endometriosis. This non-partisan toolkit is designed to make your voice heard in 2 easy steps.

1. Find your elected official’s contact information

For maximum impact, we suggest writing to both your federal Member of Parliament and to your provincial representative.

Look up your elected officials using the websites below.  

​2. Write to your elected official an email or letter

Writing to your elected officials is an easy and effective way to make your concerns about endometriosis heard and highlight the areas where you want to see action. When you send an email or letter to your elected officials, you create an important link between your issue and decision makers. Don’t underestimate the power that your voice has in making positive changes!

Elected officials have the resources to bring your issue to the forefront of government. These resources include presenting petitions, making statements in on endometriosis, and asking the Ministers of Cabinet questions related to endometriosis policy. Elected officials can also shape legislation that supports endometriosis. 

So, write to your elected officials to let them know that you demand action on endometriosis and to ask for their leadership on this issue. 

We suggest email, but if you prefer mail you can send mail to any elected official postage-free. Also, make sure you include your address so that your elected official knows you live in their electoral district. 

  • Copy and customise our template email/letter
  • Attach these background materials if you want (Download PowerPoint, PDF)
  • If you requested a meeting with your elected official, review this Guide to a Successful Meeting (Download PDF)